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"Come Fish One Of The Most Fertile Lakes In The World"

Prior to 1942, Tunica Lake was a large horseshoe bend of the Mississippi River.  As part of the US Corps. of Engineers plan of flood control, the narrow neck of the bend was dynamited to straighten the channel.  A spectacular 9 foot wall of water surged through the new channel at uncontrollable speeds.  The old channel quickly silted in creating what is now Tunica Lake.

The lake continues to have a dynamic relationship with the river via a small intake chute at the lower end of the lake.  Not only does the lake have the opportunity to restock itself continuously from the river, but yearly spawning conditions due to the vast fluctuations on the water level are almost always ideal each spring.  During the summer and fall, the river drops yielding to vibrant stands of vegetation on the new fertile bare lake banks.  With the coming of spring and the snow melt up north, the river floods the lush growth of the previous year providing food and cover for the new young-of-the-year.

Since the lake is located in the Mississippi Delta, the most fertile flood plain in the world, the microorganisms and plant life bloom profusely in this nutrient rich body of water.  This beginning basis of the food chain leads to fish populations and sizes that are incomparable to other lakes across the country.

Now, if you want to experience the "fishing adventure" of a lifetime, and, if you want to catch fish with a guide that has been fishing the Tunica Lake for two decades-call Ed "Dawg" Weldon (662)363-2903 or email us at crappiedawg@hughes.net    and hook your reservations today!

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